I am French.
I was born in Normandie, Caen in 1981.
My first painting was with oil painting. From then on, I never looked back to use other medium.

I did "Les beaux-art" in South of France, Toulon, and caught some techniques that I use from time to time.
Then my creativity hit up the roof when i watched a documentary about Picasso then I discovered Jean Michel Basquiat, Pollock, De Kooning, Matta, I never stopped to paint, expressing my feelings, sadness, happiness. People that I meet generates an essence, an essence of my experience with them that i try to translate through paintings.

I paint a lot the morning when i get up from my bed. It helps me to be more mind open to my true self and what i just dreamed of...

this gets me more energy to express what I experienced in my dreams.
I try to let go of my feelings through colors.
Nothing is generated arbitrarily, all painting are unique because my feelings at this special moment of creation are unique.
I hope you will enjoy the ride...adventure is never too far with abstract painting if you have enough imagination.
Nowadays I live in Montreal, where I am transitioning from my old life to a new one.
Let's chat on instagram (#TFBouvier) or in real life if you live in Montréal.

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